By the end of this article, you can build your prioritization matrix, rank tasks appropriately, and determine which follow-up actions to take.
This week we learn about bold thought leadership, sleep, and the Abilene paradox. As well as how ChatGPT is a blurry JPEG of the Web and how to track…
The Owl and The Beetle: Thursday Memo - How to reach clear expectations: process, tools, documents, downloadable templates.
This week we learn about delegation, golf, and emotional intelligence. As well as smashing your next tech interview and Taskade.
- Why you should delegate more often than not.- What tasks you should delegate, and what you should not.- Who you should delegate to.- How to delegate…
This week we learn about Jerry Seinfeld, Impostor Phenomenon, and the Money Mind Manifesto. As well as the Global Passport Index and Hey.
One of my current projects, The Leadership Dojo, is launching today on Product Hunt.I need your help to make this launch a success.
Micromanagement can be beneficial in certain situations. Let's find out how it can save your life!

February 2023

This week we learn about how to break a bad habit, why companies want small teams, and how to prevent the amygdala hijack. As well as the jargon of tech…
This week we learn about isopraxism, walking meetings, and compliments. As well as soundscapes and beautiful information.
This week we learn about calibrated questions, meeting efficiency, and how to open a coffee shop. As well as the wonders of Google Street View and…
I'm revealing the secret that enabled me to progress from a local consultant to the head of global expansion approximately ten years ago.