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Hi there, I’m Luca Sartoni; thanks for stopping by!

I write weekly about developing leadership skills, becoming a better manager, enhancing team performance, and feeling more accomplished.

If you're a first-time manager trying to find your footing, an experienced manager who needs some help, or a seasoned leader ready to reach for the stars, this is the place for you!

About me

I am a leadership and product development manager with two decades of experience creating and delivering outstanding solutions in the software industry. I help people and teams build innovative products that solve significant problems.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of managing distributed teams of engineers, mentoring development leads to overcome obstacles, to enhance performance, ensuring team success, and running international product launch campaigns.

With my “Remote Leadership Works” project, I coach the most successful tech leads, helping them unleash their full potential. I run a Leadership Dojo where outstanding people practice together to improve their leadership skills like delegation, decision-making, negotiation, and more.

In my Tuesday Dispatch, I'm excited to share the insights I collect from the web. Additionally, I'm taking the opportunity to document my whole process through this newsletter and provide more in-depth content through my essays.

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Tech pro with 20 yrs experience leading product dev, managing eng teams, and mentoring leads. He/Him